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Equipment Leasing

Bank of Tucson is pleased to announce a complete line of leasing services for our customers. In an effort to provide the best possible products and services, Bank of Tucson has teamed with Equipment Leasing Services to meet your equipment leasing needs. Leasing can be an extremely attractive means of financing the acquisition of capital equipment.



  • Operating Leases
  • Capital/Finance Leases
  • TRAC Leases
  • Sale Leaseback
  • Step rate/Skip rate Leases
  • New and Used Equipment
  • Vendor Programs
  • Preserves your cash and credit lines
  • Requires little or no money down
  • Creates flexibility
  • Generates monthly cash savings
  • Creates 'off balance sheet' financing
  • Shifts obsolescence risk to the Lessor

Bank of Tucson and Equipment Leasing Service ('ELS') can creatively structure your leasing transactions to assist your growth and profitability. To learn more about leasing and how it may benefit your company, please feel free to call your Bank of Tucson leasing manager at 520.321.4500, or send an email to help@epointsupport.com. You may also contact the ELS leasing team directly at 480.443.8984, or by email at jdallstream@equipls.com.