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Business Debit Cards

Bank of Tucson's Business Debit Card* offers the convenience and control you need to take care of your business banking and purchasing needs. The debit card works like a check, without the check-writing and check-approval delays.

Simply present your Bank of Tucson Business Debit Card* wherever Visa is accepted and sign the receipt. Every transaction is automatically deducted from your company's checking account.


  • Eliminate the need to carry cash or checks
    Accepted everywhere - more than 19 million locations worldwide. Assurance to purchase what you want, where you want and to get cash when you need it the most.
  • Record keeping - separate your business and personal spending
    Your monthly business checking account statement details all of your activity, including merchant name/location, purchase amount, and transaction date giving you more control over your expenses.


Sign up today - it's quick and easy.

Contact Paula Madden with any questions at 520.321.4500
Fax: 520.321.1956
4400 East Broadway
Tucson, Arizona 85711

* Certain restrictions, conditions and exclusions apply.