Cardinal Spring time is here, so let’s have some fun! Take advantage of the weather and the activities Tucson has to offer this month. With options ranging from unique fundraisers to carnivals and sporting events, there’s something for everyone to appreciate!
TROT Therapeutic Riding of Tucson Attend the annual “Hearts and Horses” event this month to support a great cause! TROT assists our special needs citizens to improve their quality of life with equine-assisted activities.
Pima_County_Fair Pima County Fair So much fun, so litte time! From rides and games to food and live performances, there’s something for everyone at the Pima County Fair. Bring the whole family and have a great time at this event!
4th_Ave Fourth Avenue Street Fair Head down to the world’s largest street fair during the first weekend of April for great fun, food, and vendors! Can’t make it? Head down anyway to support local businesses!
springfling ASUA Spring Fling As the largest student-run carnival in the US, Spring Fling provides impressive recreation for our community. Organized by U of A clubs and volunteers, this event not only offers fun for all, but helps support our university’s clubs and organizations too!