Tucson_Sunset As the year comes to an end It’s a great time to reflect on the things that matter most: friends, family, and the future. This is the perfect opportunity end the year on a wonderful note! Check out the next few slides for some great ideas.
Angel_Charity Angel Charity For Children, Inc. Over one million children have benefited from their generous donors funding over 65 local children’s organizations. The upcoming 2016 Angel Charity Ball will continue to raise funds to support a brighter future for the children in Pima County.
zoolights Reid Park Zoo Lights This must-see event is a spectacular holiday treat for all ages! No matter how many times you’ve been to the zoo, you’ve never seen it like this. Bundle up the kids or your date, and enjoy thousands of bright lights, cookies, and hot chocolate!
winterhaven Winterhaven Festival of Lights The well-renown event draws hundreds of thousands of people from all over Southern Arizona. What many don’t know, is that it is a fundraiser for the Community Food Bank. Bring non-perishable food items or visit their website to see how else you can help!
Flandreau Flandreau Science Center Come see holiday lights like never before! Unlike your typical strings of multi-colored lights hanging from every possible ledge, branch and hook, you can choose from many laser shows including “Season of Light” and the “Laser Holiday” productions!